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Are you having problems with PhysicsEditor? Don't worry - I am here to help. If you can't find the answer in the FAQs, you can contact me at the bottom of the page.


I've lost my license key!
The download link in the purchase email does not work anymore.
Please visit the Lost License Form and enter the email address that you used to purchase PhysicsEditor. A new license key will be sent to you immediately.
On how many computers can I use PhysicsEditor?
You can use PhysicsEditor on up to 2 computers as long as you are the only person using it.
Can I use my license on Mac and Windows?
The licenses work on both systems. You can use it on Windows and Mac as long as you are the only person using it and you don't install it on more than 2 computers.
Do you have discounts if I ... ?
I set PhysicsEditor to a low price to give independent developers a chance to buy a license. The drawback for this is that I can't give big discounts. Sorry.
I do, however, offer a 20% discount to schools, colleges, and universities.
I've bought PhysicsEditor and missed the bundle, can I get TexturePacker at a reduced price?
I can give you a discount code which will give you nearly the same price as in the bundle. Please contact me at support at codeandweb.com.
I did not receive a license key.
There are some possible reasons for this:
  • Your spam filter caught the license emails (please check your spam folder).
  • There was a typo in the email address entered during purchase. In this case you won't have any email from me or fastspring. Please contact orders@fastspring.com and supply all data that might help them find your account.
Can I use PhysicsEditor for commercial products?
Sure. You can use all data that you created with PhysicsEditor in commercial and other products. No additional fees apply. But you must not ship a PhysicsEditor license as part of your product without my permission.
Where can I get an invoice for my purchase?
A link to your invoice should be contained in one of the emails you get from fastspring. The invoice is also available from this link:
Can I get a multi-user license?
What about business/volume licenses?
Simply enter the amount you need during the purchase process. The license will have the name of the person who bought the license.
You can use the license for the matching amount of users.
Where is the license agreement (EULA) on Windows?
The license agreement is inside PhysicsEditor's program folder.
Where is the license agreement (EULA) on Mac?
The license agreement is inside PhysicsEditor's .dmg file.
I want ... changed/added/removed from the license agreement (EULA)
I can give you a custom license agreement (depending on your needs). Since you have to agree to the license agreement during installation/first start of PhysicsEditor, I need to give you a custom build including your license agreement. That means that I have to do a custom build for you with each update of PhysicsEditor, including testing, version control, packaging...
This complete procedure takes about 1 hour per release, for which I would charge my usual fee.

Free versions

How can get a free version of PhysicsEditor?
I give free licenses to bloggers and developers of gaming frameworks.
What are the requirements for bloggers to get a free license?
You must have a game/development/art related blog with at least 5 recent posts.
Where can I get the free license?
Just fill out the Request Free License form. I'll have a look at your blog and if it fits the requirements you'll receive an email with the license files.

Beta version

What is the beta version?
The beta version contains the brand new features which will be available with the next main release.
These features are usually quite stable but still might contain some bugs.


Can you support framework ... ?
Sure. But you can already do quite a bit yourself. PhysicsEditor contains a template-based exporter which you can adjust to your needs.
If you've created an exporter which would be interesting to the public, you can send it to me so I can add it to the official supported frameworks.
See next question for more details.
I need a slight change in the output format.
The exporters are template based. You should be able to do the adjustments to the exporter yourself.
See Customize PhysicsEditor Exporter for more information.
How does PhysicsEditor work with TexturePacker?
  • Import your sprites into TexturePacker and create the sprite sheets as needed.
  • Import the sprites for which you need physics to PhysicsEditor and create the shapes.
There are also some tutorials: More tutorials can be found in the tutorials section.


Corona SDK gives me an attempt to index field 'data' (a nil value)?
The reason for this is usually a typo in the get call. The name of the body you want to receive from the editor is not available in the physics shapes file.
Please check your shape names vs the value for the get.
PhysicsEditor crashes immediately after launch (MacOS)
If you open the CrashLog you see something like:
Dyld Error Message:
          Symbol not found: _EVP_idea_cbc
          Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib
          Expected in: /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib
The reason for this is that you have MacPorts or Fink installed. Some packets of it install their own libssl which does not have all the symbols that the original Apple version has.
Ways to fix this (choose one):
  • Remove the version of the libssl in /usr/local/lib and add a symlink to the standard location /usr/lib:
    cd /usr/local/lib
    sudo rm libssl*
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libssl.dylib libssl.dylib
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib libssl.0.9.8.dylib
  • or: Re-order the library/executable search paths.
  • or: Remove MacPorts' folder from your path when using PhysicsEditor.


Where is the documentation on Windows?
The documentation is inside PhysicsEditor's program folder
Where is the documentation on Mac?
The documentation is inside PhysicsEditor's .dmg file

Advertising, Affiliates, etc

I would like to become an affiliate!
Nice. Please contact me about the conditions by email. You also need to sign up as a FastSpring Payee.
Do you do link exchange?
No. But if you have a page that has some value to the users of my tools (e.g. tutorials, podcasts, screen casts...) I might add a link to the tutorials section.

... still need help

Important! Please read through the FAQs before contacting support!

Still need help with PhysicsEditor? Fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Due to the amount of emails I receive, it could take up some time for a response.

If your bug is simple and without further questions from my side, it'll be fixed in one of the next releases. In this case I usually do not write a reply mail. Check the release notes of the next release to see if your bug is fixed.

This form is for PhysicsEditor support issues only.

Have a request or suggestion for PhysicsEditor? Just fill out this form. Due to the amount of emails I receive, I don’t reply to requests or suggestions (unless I have further questions). However, I read them all and good ideas might be implemented in one of the next versions ;-)

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