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Keep your language files in sync

Managing your translation files is cumbersome. Especially if you have to use a separate file for each language.

Your files will get out of sync — and diff is a bad choice when it comes to cleaning up language files. All lines contain changes simply because of the different languages.

It's much easier with BabelEdit:

Adding, renaming or deleting translations is done on all files at the same time.

  • Edit multiple languages at once
  • Keep translations in sync
  • No more diff
Preview your application with pre-translate & suggestions

Let BabelEdit fetch translations from Google Translate. You can use them as suggestion for a single phrase or fetch all translations for a language.

  • Preview your application in another language in seconds
  • Get translation suggestions from Google Translate
  • Fill all missing translations for a new language
  • Speed up translation process
Get a BabelEdit license to help us support kazupon and vue-i18n

We are a silver sponsor of vue-i18n!

Supports VueJS's single file components

BabelEdit displays and edits all your translations from your single file components in one place.

  • Edit translations in SFCs (<i18n>-sections)
  • Import/export messages for translators

BabelEdit contains a spell checker to simplify your daily work.

  • Check spelling while you type
  • Suggest corrections
  • Check each translation in its own language
  • Extend dictionary with unknown words
  • Supports 42 languages
Comments & approval

Add comments to give the translator more information about the position and context of a message.

Use the Approved flag to mark translations that are considered final.

... also works with other frameworks ;-)

Supports applications using ngx-translate. Translations can be stored in json files.
Supports translations created with react-intl, react-i18next and LinguiJS.
Supports vue-i18n. Translate your json, yaml or vue (single file components) files.
Supports translations in php and json files and your Vue.js enhanced pages.
Supports Ember.js with ember-intl, translations stored in yaml and json files.

Apply filters to focus on the work ahead. Filter by

  • words
  • translation ids
  • translated / untranslated
  • approved / not approved

Use the filter to find all translations that are missing or not yet approved.

Find all occurrences of a word to check your translations for consistency.

Supports your file formats

BabelEdit knows the frameworks you use and can directly work on these files. No conversion or export required:

  • json (Angular, React, Laravel, Vue and more)
  • yaml (Ember)
  • php (Laravel translation data)
  • vue (Vue.js single file components)
  • properties (Java, Groovy, Grails,…)
Easy data exchange with translators

Your translation agency does not want to work with vue or php files? No problem!

BabelEdit exports your translations to Excel, Google Spread Sheets and other format for data exchange.

It of course imports the translations into your original data files when you get them back.

Customizable view
See your translation ids as list or tree, filter items to only see the translations you are currently working on.
Windows, Mac & Linux
BabelEdit works on all major desktop operating systems: Windows, macOS or Linux (Ubuntu).
Fair pricing model
Affordable price. Buy BabelEdit once and use it forever. Free updates included for 1 year. No subscription.