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CodeAndWeb's GameDev Blog page 11/15

New AutoSD features

2013-12-11 Kerstin Müller

What you are going to learn:

  • Using the new placeholders in TexturePacker
  • 2 Examples with placeholders
  • Using the new sprite filter feature
  • Backwards compatibility
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SpriteKit Animations and TextureAtlases

2013-09-23 Joachim Grill

Learn how you can improve development of SpriteKit games and apps using TexturePacker.

  • Create your SpriteKit atlas with TexturePacker
  • Creating a SKSpriteNode from the texture atlas
  • Using SKActions to move the sprite
  • Applying SKAction to multiple SKSpriteNodes

Full source code is available on GitHub

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UIKit Animations with TexturePacker

2013-05-16 Andreas Löw

What you are going to learn:

  • Using the sprites with UIKit
  • Add static images
  • Add and control animations

Full source code is available on GitHub

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TexturePacker Content Protection

2013-04-19 Andreas Löw

Learn how to protect your sprites from getting ripped out of your applications.

  • Setting up TexturePacker for encryption
  • Preparing your cocos2d project for content protection
  • Apple's requirements on encryption and Content Protection
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Integrating TexturePacker with Xcode’s Build Rules

2013-02-28 David Hart

Learn how to integrate TexturePacker with Xcode’s Build Rules:

  • benefit from Xcode’s ability to compile several files
  • use .tps files as an integral part of the build process
  • add build rules for each different texture formats
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