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Creating CSS sprites with TexturePacker

2011-07-28 Andreas Löw

Learn how to create a css sprite sheet with TexturePacker and iclude it into your webpage.

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Creating polygon shapes for box2d for flash / as3 using PhysicsEditor

2011-05-13 Andreas Löw

Learn how to create collision shapes for box2d's flash/as3 port.

  • Creating the box2d collision shapes using PhysicsEditor
  • Setting up box2d for flash

Full source code to this example project is available on GitHub.

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Tutorial: XCode4 integration of TexturePacker for Cocos2d and Sparrow framework

2011-05-11 Andreas Löw
Integrate TexturePacker into XCode to save time and memory! Learn both ways to achieve this:
  1. create .tps files from TexturePacker and update them from the build phase
  2. simply use the commandline interface of TexturePacker
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Batch converting and optimizing images for web and games in Windows

2011-04-04 Andreas Löw

Learn how to write a batch file to automatically convert or optimize images with TexturePacker command line.

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Setting collision parameters

2011-03-18 Andreas Löw

Explaining physics parameters and collision parameters in PhysicsEditor.

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