BabelEdit Release 0.9.2

2018-02-08 Andreas Löw

We just released a minor update for our Translation Editor, BabelEdit. The update is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

New Features in the current release

Quick select

Use the Quick Select (cmd + k, ctrl + k) to select all translation ids containing a certain substring. E.g. select all ids ending with -button:

BabelEdit: Quick selection for translation IDs

ngx-translate snippets

You can now use the new translation snippets to copy a pre-formatted code sequence to the clipboard. E.g.

Select the translation using the right mouse button in the translation tree:

Snippets for ngx-translate

These snippets can be used directly with ngx-translate.

You have to adjust the snippets if you use the ngx-translate-messageformat-compiler plugin which you can easily do from the project settings dialog:

Adjusting translation snippets for ngx-translate-messageformat-compiler

Highlighting the current translation

Just a small one: Highlighting the current translation edit widget.

Highlight current translation edit field

Shortcut to switch between translations

The tab key added a tab character in the translation in the previous version of BabelEdit. In many cases this is not what you might have expected. We've decided to change the behaviour as follows:

Other fixed in BabelEdit

A bug in the library that we use for development BabelEdit (Qt) causes network spikes on WIFI network every 10 seconds. This version adds a fix that stops these spikes.

The auto-updater was not accessible if the current beta release expired.

Next steps

We are also happy to get feedback from you, the users — which is really important to find a the right direction to improve the translation editor.

The main features we plan to work on next are:

We also need a broader user base — this is why we are preparing an integration of react-intl.

We are now reached the point where we have a small but constant stream of downloads but still not enough... It would really be awesome if you could tell as many people as possible about BableEdit:

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