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CodeAndWeb's GameDev Blog page 9/15

cocos2d-x dynamic light tutorial

What you are going to learn:
  • Create your normal maps + sprite sheets using SpriteIlluminator and TexturePacker.
  • Load animation frames from a sprite sheet
  • Load a normal map sprite sheet and add a light effect to your animation
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SpriteIlluminator: Normal map painting

2015-05-11 Andreas Löw
What you are going to learn:
  • A quick way to generate normal maps
  • Enhancing the generated normal map by applying structure
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2d dynamic lighting tutorial for Unity

2015-05-04 Andreas Löw
What you are going to learn:
  • Creating normal mapped sprites with SpriteIlluminator
  • Packing sprite sheets and normal maps with TexturePacker
  • Importing normal mapped sprites into Unity
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Packing normal maps into sprite sheets

2015-04-07 Andreas Löw
What you are going to learn:
  • Pack normal maps into sprite sheets
  • Create sprite and normal map textures with identical layout
Required skills:
  • Basic knowledge about sprite sheets
  • Basic knowledge about normal maps
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Creating sprite sheets for ShiVa using TexturePacker

2015-01-09 Andreas Löw

Learn how to use Sprite Sheets with ShiVa:

  • What are sprite sheets? Why should you use them?
  • Creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker
  • Installing and using JPSprite
  • Playing animations

This blog post contains full source code available on GitHub.

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