CodeAndWeb Newsletter

How often is the newsletter shipped?

I try to write 1 newsletter per month - but only if I have information somebody might be interested in. If I have nothing to say I simply don't write any newsletters ;-)

What does the newsletter contain?

The newsletter is of course about my products TexturePacker, SpriteIlluminator and PhysicsEditor, contains announcements about new releases and products you might be interested in.

It might also contains information which helps you with development of games.

How do I subscribe?

Simply fill out the subscription form below. After filling it you will receive an email in which you must confirm the subscription. Otherwise you won't receive any mail.

Sorry for this inconvenience but it is required to protect you from being subscribed by people who think it's fun to subscribe others...

I got a subscription mail and never filled that form

Maybe some funny guy out there on the internet entered your mail address into the subscription form. Sorry for this inconvenience - but there is not much I can do about that.

It is sufficient if you ignore or delete the mail - you are not subscribed to the newsletter until you confirm the mail.

I never signed up but I get the newsletter

You might have signed up while purchasing one of my products. During the purchase you were asked if you want to receive the newsletter. In this case no confirmation mail is sent for signup since you already confirmed your identity through the purchase.

However if you don't want to receive my newsletter simply press the unsubscribe button or use the form below.

Who gets my mail address?

I will not sell or distribute your mail address to any 3rd party except for handling the newsletter which is currently done through MailChimp

Please check their privacy policy for more information.

I might at some point decide to use another service instead and transfer the mail addresses. In this case I will also make sure to use a serious service with a good privacy policy.

How do I get rid of the newsletter?

No problem. Simply click on the unsubscribe link you find in every newsletter - or use the following form:

Manage my newsletter subscription