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Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arcby Green Sauce Games


Help Joan of Arc to build a new Kingdom and change the fate of the people. Journey through beautiful scenery, relaxing music and the thrilling process of building a city in this engaging Match 3 game. Dive into an epic story of honor and courage and save the day in Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc!

Build a medieval city

Three game play modes: swap, pop, chain

Exciting adventure

iPhone and iPad versions are in work and will be released soon!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

It speed up my development time a lot and solved texture memory issues and speed (using single textures is a lot fast than using several different textures).

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Extrude. I had a lot of problems with Black Lines between tiled textures! Extrude feature from TexturePacker fixed all of them!

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

For gamedev there is life BEFORE using TexturePacker and AFTER using Texture Packer.

I did use it to all my games and I can't live without it anymore!

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