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Uncle Slam Vice Squad

by Handelabra Studio LLC
TexturePacker ShowRoom Uncle Slam Vice Squad TexturePacker ShowRoom Uncle Slam Vice Squad TexturePacker ShowRoom Uncle Slam Vice Squad TexturePacker ShowRoom Uncle Slam Vice Squad TexturePacker ShowRoom Uncle Slam Vice Squad


The spirit of American patriotism has brought forth Uncle Slam to pit President against President until only one remains! The contest: Gentleman’s Boxing. The prize: the title of Uncle Slam!

However, if you don’t quite feel up to the Presidential challenge, spend some time with the second bananas, the runners-up, the benchwarmers - the Vice Presidents, absolutely free!

Uncle Slam is a touch-based boxing game. You choose your fighter from the Vice Presidents of the United States – some almost great, some with aspirations of near-greatness – and battle your way forth. Can you defeat all your opponents?

  • Swipe-to-punch: Punches in Uncle Slam take their direction and speed from your swipe. To punch harder, just swipe faster!

  • Drag and hold to block: Once you are in blocking stance, you can block high, or low, or anywhere in between. Keep your opponent guessing.

  • Vice-Presidential Power! Fill up your power star and unleash your inner wannabe-Commander in Chief to turn the tide. Each Vice President has a special move unique to him that can either protect or attack (maybe both)!

Vice Squad includes:

  • Dan Quayle
  • Al Gore
  • Richard Nixon
  • John Adams
  • John C. Calhoun

Once you’ve bested the Vice Squad, download Uncle Slam to take on the Commanders in Chief and face Uncle Slam himself!

Uncle Slam features:

  • 16 Presidents currently available, with more coming soon
  • Presidents each have home and bonus stages with custom music and artwork
  • Earn votes for every win and visit the Hall of Presidents!
  • Use those votes to unlock Presidential Trivia, as well as new boxing gloves, bonus stages, and more!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

As with Uncle Slam, TexturePacker was invaluable in handling the many sprites we used for characters and stages in the game.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

Uncle Slam came first, but we continued to use PhysicsEditor to great effect with Vice Squad.

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