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Karaoke Rush

by Man On Moon Studio
TexturePacker ShowRoom Karaoke Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Karaoke Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Karaoke Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Karaoke Rush


Enjoy your time in an intense, exciting, and entertaining Karaoke Box and help Miyu, a girl dedicated her career to become the Top Karaoke Staff of the world!

Do you have the time management skills to help her achieve her career goal? Provide services for impatient customers by bringing them to their Karaoke Box, giving them their microphone, food, and also tidying up the Karaoke Box swiftly before the next set of demanding customers arrive?

Tap your way through 20+ stages and upgrade your Karaoke box before the guests become angry and leave without paying!

Game Features:

  • Enjoy hours of exciting fun with Karaoke Rush on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with just one download
  • Serve eager guests including members of the imperial family
  • Up to 3 different worlds with distinctive themes
  • Challenge yourself with 20+ intense stages, with more to come on upcoming patches
  • Upgrade Miyu's tools to help her become a world-best Karaoke Staff

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

Greatly reduced the texture packing time by providing an excellent workflow with full support for cocos2d.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Auto and customized SD output

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