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The night comes, the city is sleeping – it’s high time you took an incredible journey over the roofs! Spread your wings and hit the sky! Snick past wild hungry cats, avoid meeting blown-up hammers and heavy bricks, fly up to the clouds dodging wild planes. Adventures are waiting; hurry to see what waits your on the other side of the next roof!

The Night Flier is a new funny arcade game for kids, amazing tap'n'play free app on the AppStore. No matter how one spells it, The Night Flier or Flyer, play it now!

Game features:

  • due to the combination of rich graphics and fascinating gameplay you can’t pry yourself from the game
  • amazing music background creates unique atmosphere of adventure
  • each of several unique locations contains 10 levels
  • levels differing in complexity and objects involved won’t let you get bored
  • the game store provides you with a great variety of necessary equipment: skins, rockets, magnets, masks

Gameplay: It's so easy to play therefore it's one of the best games for kids. You simply tap and hold a finger to the screen to ascend and remove it to descend. Move over the rooftops among various obstacles, pop air-balloons, and eat midges to increase bat's health. The levels are gradually getting more difficult but it can’t stop a real adventurer! Kids will absolutely love this game!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker is a great tool which is very useful for compiling texture atlases, which are the preferable way for us to deploy graphical resources.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

TexturePacker supports a lot of output formats for images and description files, for instance, Cocos2D format which is a very popular tool for game development now.

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