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Petite Frite Games for Kidsby Twist & Trout Design


One of the best game for kids now on iPhone!!!!! "An adorable multi-activity app for the little ones, with the most beautiful illustrations." -- "The happy world of Petite Frite is a lovely place to spend time with your child." --

PUZZLES Find where the elements and characters should go and place them in an animated landscape!

MEMORY MATCH The younger children will have to recognize similar cards, whereas the older ones will have to use their memory to match the pairs in the classic version of this game.

MUSICAL THEATER Create your own music by making the characters of the Happy World of Petite Frite dance together on stage.

MAKE YOUR OWN LANDSCAPE Invent new stories by placing the characters and elements of the Happy World of Petite Frite in a charming landscape.

NO TEXT / NO ADS / NO IAP : 5 stars : 5 stars : 5 stars : 5 stars : 5 stars

"Overall, Petite Frite offers exactly what every kid wants a colorful theme, upbeat music and fun filled activities basically a happy world for every kid." --

"If you are in the market for an app that your children will love, but won't drive you crazy, this is a fantastic addition to your gaming library." --

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