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RocketCola GO

by Appicap
TexturePacker ShowRoom RocketCola GO TexturePacker ShowRoom RocketCola GO TexturePacker ShowRoom RocketCola GO TexturePacker ShowRoom RocketCola GO TexturePacker ShowRoom RocketCola GO


RocketCola Go allows you to to feel the power locked in a bottle with fizzy beverage. A little blue GO pill helps enormously. But the journey isn't easy, because the sky is totally unpredictable. Control the RocketCola easily using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls in existence that your device is equipped with. As you gain altitude, the sky becomes more treacherous. You need all your skills to prevent a collision with objects that fall from above the sky, only bonus GO can make you invulnerable for a short time. As altitude increases, the speed and complexity of the game is increased.


  • Bonus GO (worth to catch these ones).
  • Sparrows, falling lamps, wooden boxes, hammers, bricks, wrenches and anvils and screwdrivers
  • Crazy fire extinguisher
  • Dangerous exploding gas tank
  • Maze from bricks and stones
  • Other bottles flying nearby
  • Share your altitude record to Facebook & Twitter
  • Compete against your friends!

How to play? Easy! Just tilt to fly left or right. And keep flying up and up and up. Playing RocketCola Go is very addictive!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor save us a lot of time and helped to release the RocketCola series of games to market much earlier than we planned.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Automated sprite update and size reduction.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

All object's physics and their characteristics in our game are defined using amazing PhysicsEditor application.

What are your favorite PhysicsEditor features?

automatic shape detection

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