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Professor for Kidsby Intercomp Gmbh


Mathematics and logic puzzles for preschool and first grade students. Twelve amazing puzzles for kids between 4 and 6 to practice and strengthen the skills necessary for the first grade.

From the simplest "find the shape" puzzle to the toughest "find relations" game:

  • find shapes
  • find coloured shapes
  • find outlines
  • memory game
  • memory game with numbers
  • find numbers
  • choose figures facing left or right
  • sort numbers
  • sort figures by size
  • sort by values
  • less or more?
  • discover relations

Enjoy watching your children learn while playing. Math was never so fun before!

Built-in difficulty levels, high score lists.

Multi-language interface, supporting: english, german, hungarian.

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Supporting various image formats and smart distribution of the images in the texture.

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