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The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2by Studios BlooBuzz


Great Pharaoh Touti and his friends are back for an epic adventure that will take you on a journey along the Nile in Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2! When the priest Hapu discovers an ancient papyrus scroll foretelling the cataclysmic end of Egypt’s eighteenth dynasty, he learns that in order to save the kingdom, eight majestic temples must be built, and quickly, before the four moons cycle ends.Are you ready to face this ultimate challenge?

Download the sequel of the most popular Timebuilders series: Pyramid Rising 2

  • Discover a new story from ancient Egypt.
  • Reveal the mysteries of Egyptian gods.
  • Build new temples!
  • Join The Timebuilders for exciting adventures in Pyramid Rising and Caveman's Prophecy!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

We have used Texture Packer to optimize the image dithering (16 bits). We have integrated Texture Packer in our artistic pipeline to automatically dither the Spritesheet images.

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