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Crazy Conductor has two play modes – Real Time Play and Memory Mode.

Real Time Play requires you to pay attention to the notes Cecil Noteworthy selects as they appear at the top of the wall so you can catch those notes when they reach the bottom of the wall. The rows of notes continue to drop until you catch all the notes of his tune or you miss one! If you catch all the notes of a tune, Cecil increases the speed and length of the next tune. Using the helper tools that appear as posters on the wall, try to make it all the way to the Boss Stages where Cecil unleashes new challenges!

Memory Mode lets you watch Cecil play several notes before dropping them. You must remember the notes he selects and then catch them. If you catch them all, Cecil plays the same tune, but adds a note at the end. This continues as long as you can catch all the notes of his ever-growing tune. How many notes in a row can you remember?

Crazy Conductor is available at the iTunes Store

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

I used it to efficiently pack all of the sprites and animations in the game for minimum memory usage.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Operates off of directories, so files that are added to existing directories are automatically included in the next sprite sheet.

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