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Digger Dirt and His Sweet Rewards is a highly entertaining book app. Children love to discover the animation and sounds on each and every page. These interactions, tapping or dragging, are friendly and intuitive. Tap the sun, house, dog or other items on the page. Children have the choice to have the story read to them or read it themselves.

In the story, Digger Dirt wants change. He creates a vision, sets his goal and works to achieve it. He teaches his children how to do this and they all learn the sweet rewards of work. On page 6, they learn the value of cooperation as they cheerfully sing as they dig up the grass. Digger enjoys the journey with his children as they work together learning patience, confidence, trust and love. Digger says, "I've always been the kind of guy, who can picture what I want in my mind's eye. No matter what the stress or the size of the mess, I never quit 'til what I have is my very best!" There are 21 rewards found in the book. Digger and his children are excited and proud as they enjoy the fruits of their labors. Children learn to believe in the magic that Digger Dirt can do.

  • Delightful, engaging story with great illustrations
  • Fun interactions with lively sound effects
  • Read to Me or Read Myself options
  • Navigation bar
  • Bubbles that teach the rewards of work
  • No Hotlinks

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The ease of creating sprite sheets.

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