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Learn the ABCby the-nerd


This fun app for kids is build around the beautiful poster and book illustrations of the Dutch illustrator Bart De Keyzer ( We want the kids to learn the English alphabet in a fun and meaningful way with sweet animations and funny sounds.

The app has 3 zones:

  1. The learning zoo: this is the place where the kid can wander around between the different letters of the alphabet and see to which animal it belongs. If the kid presses the button an animation will play with the typical behaviour of the animal.
  2. Pick an animal mini-game: In this game the kid sees a letter and 3 possible animals. If the kid chooses the right animal you'll get 3 points, for every mistake 1 point is deducted. At the end of the game you'll see your progress between different game in time and scores.
  3. Pick a letter mini- game: This is the opposite of the previous game. You'll see an animal, and you have to guess what the starting letter of that animal is.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

Creating and managing the spritesheets! Especially the multipack functionality saved me a lot of work because the spritesheets for a single animation of an animal on the iPad existed out of multiple spritesheets.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Auto SD and multipack

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