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Fantasy Breaker

by Vortex Panda Entertainment
TexturePacker ShowRoom Fantasy Breaker TexturePacker ShowRoom Fantasy Breaker TexturePacker ShowRoom Fantasy Breaker TexturePacker ShowRoom Fantasy Breaker TexturePacker ShowRoom Fantasy Breaker


Become the King or Queen of block smashing in Fantasy Breaker! Keep your mighty wrecking balls moving to destroy all the obstacles in your path!

Grab your mighty wrecking balls and lay siege to a medieval world filled with fantastic characters, colossal castles and magnificent monsters! Fantasy Breaker brings classic brick-smashing action kicking and screaming into the 15th Century with more destruction than you can shake a crossbow at! Forests, fortresses, towns, towers and more are all waiting to be mercilessly demolished in this addictive, arcade-style smash ‘em up.


  • Highly detailed graphics: lay waste to your enemies in Fantasy Breaker’s full-colour, high definition world
  • 50 unique levels filled with danger, destruction and treasure
  • Fantastic characters: face off against knights, wizards, goblins, Cyclops and many more!
  • Amazing power-ups: Cause even more destruction with an arsenal of upgrades including speed boosts, protective ropes and crossbows
  • Unlockable achievements!
  • Online Leaderboards to compare your skills against the world

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How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

I used TP for all the sprites in the game, including animations. Stable, fast and extremely useful tool! The generated XML format next to the sprite sheet is easy to read by any program, no special framework needed!

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

TP is easy to use I like many features of it! It able to read the sprites form a specified folder, so easy to modify the sprite sheet and re-generate it. The different settings help to save some space on the sheet, so more images fit into the memory.

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