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Teach Me Apps: English for Kidsby BEE DIGITAL, s.r.o.


Teach Me Apps: English for Kids is a unique educational application designed by language learning experts for children ages 4 to 12. The twelve educational games contained in the application are suitable for preschool and elementary school children. Older kids and even parents can enjoy Teach Me Apps: English for Kids too. Our application is a well-balanced combination of entertainment and language learning. It helps your children to increase their language skills and enrich their English vocabulary with more than 300 useful words.

In Teach Me Apps: English for Kids, children will enjoy:

  • an illustrated alphabet
  • 12 educational games divided into three categories by age (kids ages 4-12)
  • beautifully illustrated vocabulary words
  • more than 300 words with pronunciation help
  • vocabulary words recorded by a female US native speaker with a pleasant voice
  • a uniquely designed application interface accompanied by fun music and sound effects
  • an interface with no ads and no external links (secured parents section)
  • no in-app purchases

Through these games, children can:

  • enrich their vocabulary
  • practice listening
  • develop their memory and thinking skills
  • recognize basic colors
  • memorize the alphabet
  • practice basic numbers and counting
  • learn the basic parts of the human body
  • acquire a positive attitude towards learning‚

The application features these useful English vocabulary categories: Animals, Appliances, Clothes, Colors, Food, Fruit, Music, Numbers, Shapes, The Body, The House, Tools, Vegetables

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

We developed our app using Adobe AIR and the Starling framework. Texture Packer helped us to keep assets for illustrated vocabulary organized and made our life easier.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Plenty of options which helped us to optimize our sprite sheets.

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