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Preschool Kids Shape Puzzleby Hitzz4Kidzz


Your toddler like to play shape puzzles but all are the same... loveless computer paintings without any charm. Our shape puzzle is different - it contains beautiful handmade paintings that will inspire your kid.

Your child can select puzzles suitable to his fields of interest, there are various categories like animals, cars, airplanes, construction machines and so on.

We attach great importance that our Preschool Kids Shape Puzzle is adaptable for a wide range of ages. Starting from 2 year old toddlers, our shape puzzle is also a perfect match for children of preschool and kindergarten age. Even early grades could have lots of fun. This makes our Preschool Kids Shape Puzzle ideal for playing together! It's fun and it's challenging... quite a good combination for learning!

There are various configuration options:

  • Puzzle categories
  • Timer on/off
  • Child lock to prevent misuse
  • Easy snap: 3 different sensitivity levels
  • Show outline on/off
  • Colored blocks on/off
  • Rotated blocks on/off (for experts only)
  • Resized blocks on/off (for experts only)
  • Background music on/off
  • Game sounds on/off
  • Animation on/off

You can combine all the these features to get countless skill levels suitable for ages from 2 - 99.

Key features:

  • Lovely handmade paintings.
  • Game flow is very intuitive and appropriate for toddlers, kindergarten and preschool kids.
  • Various difficulty settings for long lasting playing fun.
  • Perfect match between education and fun.

Try out and evaluate Kids Preschool Shape Puzzle for free. If you and your kids like it, you can seamlessly update to the full version with lots of additional puzzles. Be aware that after the evaluation period (5 days) the app will start to show some advertising. Please support ads free child apps by updating to the full version of Kids Preschool Shape Puzzle with lots of additional puzzles. Thank you!

How to play:

  1. Start the shape puzzle
  2. Select a puzzle (Swipe left/right or use the arrow keys)
  3. Slide and snap the colorful shape puzzle pieces into place and reveal the beautiful handmade drawings.
  4. Have fun :-)

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