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Animaths: Fun math for kidsby ERCS Creative


Animaths is a fun educational math game for preschoolers and first grade. The app contains 9 games in which kids will learn:

  1. Number recognition from 0 to 9 with our friendly dog Tongy
  2. Number recognition from 10 to 99 and trying to keep The Trio Tails away from those evil mouse traps
  3. Number comparison from 1 to 99 while training with Peppers penguin to be a hockey champion
  4. Addition from 1 to 99 (BONUS GAME SIMON SAYS!) with the graceful Speedy turtle
  5. Subtraction from 1 to 99 and helping the fastest snail in the world, Gracey
  6. Simple equations from 0 to 9 with Incognitox detective fox
  7. Shape recognition to feed the hungriest monkey from the jungle, Shapelin
  8. Time measuring with the strict boss McTimy
  9. Measuring units(weight and capacity) while flying high with BlueSky

Also a score is always kept in the form of achievements, wrong and correct answers so parents can check what scores are the children getting on different games. Learning has never been so much fun! Let your child meet all the friendly animals from each game: Tongy, The Trio Tails, Peppers, Speedy, Gracey, Incognitox, Shapelin, McTimy and Bluesky!

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