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COMBIN3! - The logic game to jog your brainby Joachim Baur


COMBIN3 is the game for true logic puzzle aficionados.

You are quick to recognize connections? You love logical thinking and you solve sudokus even before breakfast? Then COMBIN3 is just the game for you!

Become an agent in the COMBIN3 code hacker unit. It is your job to find correct combinations, so your team can get access to the doors and vaults of the enemy.

COMBIN3 requires you to be fully focused: Detect combinations by spotting visual correlations between the key symbols. The symbols are plain pictures at first, but then the difficulty increases with mathematical equations, hidden finger prints and audio-only clues.

If you love SET and Sudokus, COMBIN3 will enthrall you:

• Exercise your brain, improve your logical thinking • Play single missions or play against your friends • Multiple difficulty levels challenge your reasoning abilities • Eight different key symbol sets create increasingly difficult missions • Numerous promotions and badges reward you for your dedication • Database-generated keycodes provide infinite puzzles, each game is different

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How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

I decided to port my iOS version to Android and Windows Phone 8 using Unity3D. So TexturePacker was a great way of integrating all the GUI graphics (and fonts!) plus the game's tile graphics into just a couple of texture files

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

  • the easy integration of GlyphDesigner font atlases
  • the padding features
  • the automatic update of files in my image source folder

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