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Hippo Flippo

by Awaroz Games
TexturePacker ShowRoom Hippo Flippo TexturePacker ShowRoom Hippo Flippo TexturePacker ShowRoom Hippo Flippo


You are helping a cute little Hippo Flippo and running to eat and maintain your weight. You help Hippo Flippo to run farther and eat all fruits on the way. Help Hippo Flippo to avoid the holes so he does not fall in. Play our FREE running game Hippo Flippo. Hippo Flippo is a running game. It's very fun. Enjoy it!


  • Use ↑ and ↓ buttons to move upward and downwards in Hippo Flippo game.
  • Collect as much fruits as possible in Hippo Flippo game.
  • Stay away from Holes in Hippo Flippo game.

3, 2, 1 go! Start your free running adventure!

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i am new with this tool, but i hope it will make life easy.

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