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Lumino City

by State of Play Games
TexturePacker ShowRoom Lumino City TexturePacker ShowRoom Lumino City TexturePacker ShowRoom Lumino City TexturePacker ShowRoom Lumino City TexturePacker ShowRoom Lumino City


Lumino City is an handmade puzzle adventure game. By exploring the city, and using your ingenuity piece together all sorts of puzzling mechanisms to help the people who live in its unique world. Discover gardens in the sky, towers marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. To create the environment, a ten foot high model city was built by hand and by laser cutter, with each motor and light wired up individually, bringing the scenes to luminous life.

Lumino City continues where we left Lume. As Lumi welcomes Grandad back at the end of Lume, she is swiftly catapulted into a new epic journey and a hunt for Grandad. Explore the unusual dwellings beyond the city gates and finding out more about her Grandad's intriguing life along the way. Is there more to him than first appears?

A cross disciplinary team worked on Lumino City State of Play collaborated with award-winning architects, fine-artists, prop-makers and animators, each discipline brought something unique to the design and execution of the finished game.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

Texture Packer allowed us to very efficiently pack our textures, save memory and achieve the effects you can see.

Texture packer also became an important part of our workflow and it's automation options allowed our artists the freedom to experiment with a lot more techniques to achieve their look, knowing that all of the assets would be safely handled and work instantly in the game

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