4x4 Adventures

by Digital Integration Ltd
TexturePacker ShowRoom 4x4 Adventures TexturePacker ShowRoom 4x4 Adventures TexturePacker ShowRoom 4x4 Adventures TexturePacker ShowRoom 4x4 Adventures TexturePacker ShowRoom 4x4 Adventures


Take to the hills with Sid and Cindy on an offroad adventure.

Spanning more than 100 trails, you'll be tested against the clock, have your skill and dexterity challenged by the huge variety of terrain and have to put on your thinking cap to solve some of the challenges you will face.

You'll be wanting to come back for more too. As you progress and upgrade your vehicles with bigger and better features, replaying trails with seemingly impossible goals will become a breeze as you become a master of your new found 4x4 skills.

The Awesome Feature List:

  • Over 100 hand crafted levels
  • 10 unique vehicles to drive (plus extra bonus vehicles!)
  • Beautiful full HD graphics
  • Beat the clock game mode
  • Cargo delivery game mode
  • Trailer + cargo delivery game mode
  • Vehicle recovery (towing) game mode
  • Puzzle challenges with Interactive objects
  • Massive variety of vehicle customization
  • Loads of unlockable fun bonus features
  • Track editor (requires web browser and PC access to device)
  • Special award and trophy game modes
  • Incredible physics engine
  • Profile functionality to keep track of up to 8 separate players

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker was invaluable in controlling memory footprint and ease of asset access throughout the game design and development process.

It took away the overhead of building tools and methods of accessing the different resolution assets used in this game.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

The best part of TexturePacker is that the files it exports are easily integrated into the game code with zero additional maintenance. Just press the publish button and our new graphics are ready to use.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

Being a physics based game, we needed something to take away the manual task of tracing complex models and converting into polygons that the game engine could use.

PhysicsEditor has made it a breeze to create any new type of object we want and with a few simple drags, drops and clicks, we have fully defined physics entities ready to use.

What are your favorite PhysicsEditor features?

The most helpful component of PhysicsEditor has to be the auto-trace, which simply removes all of the time consuming effort involved in getting outlines to the best fit of the objects we need to use.

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