Dancing Space Dog

by Kapustin Alexandr
TexturePacker ShowRoom Dancing Space Dog TexturePacker ShowRoom Dancing Space Dog TexturePacker ShowRoom Dancing Space Dog TexturePacker ShowRoom Dancing Space Dog TexturePacker ShowRoom Dancing Space Dog


Surprisingly fun app for kids on your phone or tablet. Welcome aboard the spaceship , which you will find funny dog.

Kids will love playing with a funny dog. Dog responds to your touch as a living. Girls and boys will be happy to move, throw his legs or ears. Since the dog is in space , in his flying saucer has the opportunity to influence gravity. In one mode, all objects will float in weightlessness, and the other guys will be able to influence the attraction of using the accelerometer, changing the angle of the smartphone. Turning the phone in different directions, my friend will perform various stunts, jump and slide fun tumbling .

In the alien apparatus your pet a lot of rooms, each of which kids will find plenty of entertainment. There is even a room with a dance floor, where doggie will ignite as soon turn winding melody by pressing the ball. Kids just delighted with how great their favorite dances .

You can paint your pet as you want. You can individually paint nose, ears, belly, head, hair and legs in different colors. Your child will also appreciate the ability to increase or decrease your animal in one of the rooms . Well, of course, feed your puppy different food that will fly around the room with him.

This game has the most realistic behavior of objects. For example, if you open the shower faucet to wash his character drawn, the amount of water flowing out will depend on how much you open the valve, and the paint will wash off with the dog for a drop droplet gradually .


  • hilariously funny dancing figure
  • A variety of playrooms starship
  • Intuitive icons and navigation for easy games
  • All objects behave realistically as living
  • Bright quality animated graphics
  • Merry rhythmic music and funny sounds
  • Without internal purchases

We take care about the convenience of making intuitive operation without cumbersome menu many tools and options that allows children to play without adult participation . While your kids are playing , you will have additional free time.

Our wonderful program is ideal for both girls and boys between 1 - 2 years. She like the way small kids and teenagers and preschoolers and schoolchildren have plenty on vacation. Play better than watching cartoons, because the child involved in the process, and thus grow faster.

We hope that your son or daughter grow up healthy and strong, developed and got smart good kids with a great education.

Note the colorful image gallery, and look better short video of the game.

Only here you can download the full version to date.

The game is constantly being improved and updated with new features.

We hope that our super game will go into your top and give you lots of smiles! We used the experience of the most popular children's best games to make the game enjoyable, understandable and useful. We will be happy to answer all your questions and accommodate your needs . Write on ipkapu@gmail.com, and together we can make the game the best children's app!

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