Dragon Warz

by MP Developers
TexturePacker ShowRoom Dragon Warz


Great strategy game - nicely done in hi res and looks great on the iPad too. Pick a clan to lead into battle against the Dark Lord's hordes. Command swordsmen, archers and the fearsome Dragon Riders. Use your resources wisely to buy the right kind of units and send them off into battle against the enemy. Be careful - the dark lords general is powered by a sophisticated AI and he will be trying to match and beat your every move. Fight through the enemy armies and destroy his castle. If you survive 10 progressively harder waves of enemy troops you will win. Post that high score to Game Center and try again leading a different clan.

Advanced AI leads to a different game every time. Play as an Elven Warrior, Human Knight, or Dragon Rider and experience the game from 3 different angles.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

It helped in two ways - first it allowed me to put all the repeatable items on the TexturePacker sprite sheet so that I could keep good game performance even when hundreds of sprites were spawning, and all shooting at each other. It also made the process easy because i could point Texture Packer at a folder and then if I changed a sprite in the folder all I had to do was refresh TexturePacker and my sprite sheets would update easily.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

The drag and drop capability to drag a whole folder into TexturePacker made the creation easy. I also liked how I could quickly make an entire set of hi-res vs low-res sprites just by changing the scale, and saving the changed sprite sheet with just and new suffix. Made making sprites for older devices easy when I originally started with the hd ones.

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