by Galhmac Game Studio
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About the game

Exodus is a 2D Plateform/Exploration (metroidvania) game for Windows, with oldschool gameplay mechanics, and HD native resolution (1920*1200). Musics are made by Yann Van Der Cruyssen (Saira, Block That Matter).

You can choose between a male character, Zoulux, or his girlfriend, Ly'sax, depending on your favorite alien (or gender). The choosen character will get out of his capsule, in a wild and a somewhat hostile environment. Soon enough, a leader of Exodus will contact you from his capsule, asking you to help Exodus' inhabitants. And you'll be on your way...

Main Features:

  • Metroidvania mechanics : Platformer control ( jump, crouch, sneaking, attack, etc... ), and in our case a big part for exploration.
  • Unique visual style.
  • Skills evolution with skill-trees, using evolution points ( Vital energy in the game ) that can be found in the environment or by killing monsters.
  • Collected evolution points are lost on death ( but they can be recovered if you can reach them without dying again ), but activated mechanism are not reseted on death.

Game Content:

  • 2 playable characters (Zoulux et LySax)
  • Full 2D color, HD native resolution
  • 3 saving slots
  • About 600 screens to discover
  • Multi-path Hubs connected each other
  • 14 monsters and 4 Bosses
  • 15 skills with their respective upgrades
  • Fully functionnal System Menu
  • Metroid like Mini Map and Save Point Teleportation (for fast travel in the vast world of Exodus)
  • 30 Avent Pages to discover more about the background (written by Yohan Robson)
  • Sfx and Musics by Yann Van Der Cruyssen aka Morusque (near 20 tracks)

About Galhmac Game Studio:

We are a little frenchie indie game studio, Galhmac Game Studio. The core team is composed of 3 guys with their own specialities : - Graphist / Designer - Real time 3D Animations - Programmer

We have created the game and level design together, and we have been helped by Johan Robson ( KGB Conspiracy, Atlantis ) for the story.

We also get some help from interns during the summer holidays.

Follow us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Exodus.Galhmac

And visite our official web site : http://exodus.galhmac-game-studio.com/

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

We used Texture Packer to optimise our huge spritesheets for Exodus !

Characters, monsters and Bosses animations were created with Maya, and we used rendered images to create smooth animations (30 fps) for our 2D game Exodus.

Without a great tool like Texture Packer, we were not able to manage such big data ^^

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Trim and Rotation are very helpfull to optimise our big frame lists. Data type and Auto-SD changed our life since Exodus can be played in 1080p HD resolution, or SD (1280*768) for low RAM computers.

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

Just buy Texture Packer ! It does a relly good job for huge spritesheet and have cool optimisation features !

And it run fast as well, a real great tool !

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