ShowRoom - FAQ

Why should I submit my app to the ShowRoom?
There are a few reasons you might be interested:
  • Let people know about your game.
  • Get a link to your website and/or store - good for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Promote your game for free!
What kind of apps/games will be added to the ShowRoom?
Apps or games created with TexturePacker or PhysicsEditor.
How much does a submission cost?
Nothing - it's 100% free.
Can I submit more than one game?
Sure - add as many as you like.
How will the apps be presented?
Your game will be added to one or more of the following areas on the main page:
  • Main area: Will display featured games with big screenshots/images
  • 8 big buttons with icon, title, and short description
  • List area with icon + title
Each game also has its own homepage with full details and information:
  • Slideshow of screenshots
  • Long description
  • Link to store and homepage
  • Video (if available)
  • Additional information
How do I submit my app?
Simply send a mail with your game's details:
What materials do I need to submit the app?
Everything should already be somewhere on your computer:
  • A description of your app
  • An icon
  • Some screenshots
What other materials can I provide?
Optional things you can provide are:
  • Links to videos
  • Links to the store
Submit your game
It's free!