Gateway Rush

by Andri Salim
TexturePacker ShowRoom Gateway Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Gateway Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Gateway Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Gateway Rush TexturePacker ShowRoom Gateway Rush


Bounce your way through each gateway and lead the lost Bouncy to find the exit at the center of an amusing but tricky room! Hazard is around every corner and it can’t escape without your help!


  • Cheerful environment with strategic and challenging gameplay
  • Every room is a new puzzle
  • Easy tap and swipe controls
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Constant free updates with new levels
  • Game Center Achievements and Leaderboard
  • Retina display support for the iPhone

Gateway Rush is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

The game is a 2D games which constantly needs the change of the images for animation or GUI enhancement. It got pretty tedious during the first quarter of the development progress until I bought and start using TexturePacker. TexturePacker is very convenient in a way that I could just dump my resources into a folder and publish it with a click of a button. With a help of auto-SD I could effortlessly have my non retina and retina sprites produced at the same time, making more time for testing progress. Ease of use is one of the reason I choose TexturePacker. Clean and clear user interface, it just never gets old. Within 15 mins I am able to get familiar with the feature and interfaces and produced an expected sprite within the next 5 mins and it worked in my game without any doubt.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

My favourite features in TexturePacker are auto-SD and dithering because I like fast, small size and quality product. Other key features which also would be favourites for everyone would be the publish through code and content protection.

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

For more convenient usage and accessibility, I would suggest to categorise the resources and make use of them as an individual TexturePacker file. This will particularly useful when we are run out of the space in the dimension (max 2048*2048). i.e. for background images.

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