Hemispheres - Duel your Brain

by Pit Garbe
TexturePacker ShowRoom Hemispheres - Duel your Brain


Do you know math? Have you heard of color theory and know how to mix two colors? You think thats child's play?

Maybe you're right, but what about solving simple math problems while at the same time you have to mix two colors together? How long can you keep that up against the clock? The clock which is constantly getting faster! One thing you should know right away. It's pretty hard! Your brain handles each of those tasks with one of its hemispheres. One is better fit to solve logical tasks, like math problems. The other is rather creative and will look at the colors for you. The annoying little detail is, that your brain takes an awful lot of time to switch tasks. You'll be surprised how often you're seemingly just sitting there, waiting for your brain to get ready serving you. But the time keeps ticking! You can only make two errors on each side. The game ends with the third error. The timer running out is an error as well.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker helped keep my sanity as well as pushing the performance to the limits, even on first generation iPod touch devices. Really awesome helper and of exceptionally good quality.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

The overall user experience is just outstanding. Everything just works and I've not been let down by TP, not even once. You simply have to love that in an app.

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