Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball

by Gopher Apps
TexturePacker ShowRoom Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball TexturePacker ShowRoom Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball TexturePacker ShowRoom Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball TexturePacker ShowRoom Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball


Holding your finger down and aiming with a dotted line is no way to shoot a basketball. With a touch screen the only way to shoot a basketball is to shoot it with your finger. That’s right, shoot it with your finger. The velocity of your finger determines how high and how far the ball goes.

The first time you press the brake pedal on the car, it’s a bit sensitive. As you learn to drive, your control of the brake pedal gets to be impeccable. That’s exactly how shooting is in Hoops. Shooting bank shots, swishes, or bouncing it off the ground becomes an extension of your thoughts.

Play over Game Center or locally through Bluetooth against your friends or enemies. Send them special attacks like taking away their backboard and mess up their shots!

The “Arcade” in the name is there for a reason. Like in the arcades, the basket moves forward and back, up and down. It gets larger, smaller, and even loses the backboard at times.

Play single player and score points to unlock moneyballs. Moneyballs help you score even higher with things like a bigger basket, faster ball return, and more balls. Or you can play the 24 timed Challenges and challenge yourself to make only swishes, shoot with beach balls, or make some trick shots with your new skills. For Game Center players, you can compete for the world record and beat your friends.

Did we mention Multiplayer? Multiplayer is by far the funnest aspect of the game. Compete against your opponent by scoring as much as you can. When you make the special Moneyballs, you can cause your opponent to have to turn their device upside down to play. Add us as a friend and challenge us!

Let the advertisers pay for this game so you can enjoy some good fun arcade basketball for free. This game has no coins or virtual currency so there’s no waiting around to play.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker has greatly reduced the size of our app. For example, one hd button in png format was 70kb. After combining ALL hd game buttons (between 5-10 buttons) the resulting pvr.ccz file was 71kb with no loss in quality! That's pretty cool.

TexturePacker has sped up the process of adding new images to the app. All you need to do is drop in the HD version of the file in the directory, refresh the TexturePacker files, and your done. No need to resize, rename, or add to your Xcode project.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

My favorite feature in TexturePacker is how it reads the project folder, detects image changes and writes to the same output file. This makes it very easy to add new images as you don't need to resize, rename, or add anything to the Xcode project since there are no new individual files.

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

Backgrounds do not need the alpha channel. We used RGB565 image format to reduce the size and load times and keep the quality. You'll have to play with it to make sure there is no quality loss.

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