Monster Time

by Myello Digital
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Have fun learning how to tell the time with five of the craziest monsters around in Monster Time.

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  • Buy once - use on your iPod, iPhone & in HD on your iPad.
  • iPad Retina compatible
  • As featured in the UK & New Zealand Educational App Stores New & Noteworthy - March 2012


  • - Top 10 Educational App "Telling the time is something that many children find quite tricky. This very cute and friendly monster helps children learn about digital and anaolgue clocks."
  • Apps Playground - "We like the cut of its jib on the graphics front too: the monsters are suitably monstery, without scaring younger children."
  • - "Monster Time is an impressive-looking iOS app to help children learn to tell the time – analogue and digital clocks – with the help of some colourful monsters."
  • Children's Technology Review - "the monster idea is done very well" (4/5)
  • - "The kids are challenged to figure out how to use analog clocks while playing with beautiful crooked monsters"
  • - "This is a good tool to help kids learn how to tell time." - (8/10)
  • - "Learning how to tell time is tricky business. I think that Monster Time is a great app that has invented a fun way to help children learn this hard skill, while keeping it exciting. I will definitely be using this app with my son when the 'time' comes!"

Plucked from the depths of the deepest, darkest lagoon & the stench of the stinkiest swamp we’ve gathered together five of the most brilliant monster minds to help children learn to tell the time. They’ve packed their digital and analogue clocks, (complete with octopus tentacle hands), and are all set to help you on your way.

Keep learning and you’ll be rewarded with pics of your favorite Monster pals, which you can PRINT & COLOR-IN!


  • Fun learning platform to keep your child amused whilst practicing one of the most complicated subjects when they’re young.
  • Unlock up to 15 photos of the gruesome five by completing the three levels of difficulty for each character.
  • Beautifully illustrated artwork.
  • Printable coloring-in sheets of unlocked Monster photos.
  • 3 levels of difficulty per character.
  • Learn digital & analogue time.
  • Learn 12/24hr & am/pm.
  • “Past & To” overlay to assist with “half past, quarter to, quarter past” stages.
  • Accompanying digital clock to assist analogue time learning. Show & hide to aid your child’s development.
  • Recommended ages: 4+
  • Unique soundtrack. Option to turn music on/off.
  • Universal App: Single purchase to install on your iPhone, iPod & iPad.

Easy Level: Times are kept to on the hour and half-past the hour for a nice easy introduction to telling the time. Get 5 stars and you’ll unlock a pic of your monster!

Medium Level: Times are tested at 5 minute intervals, introducing the concepts of “past” & “to” - “...5 minutes to 10”, “...quarter past 4”, “...quarter to 12”. Getting an answer wrong will remove a star you’ve already earned.

Hard Level: You’re almost good enough to join the monster elite! You’ll be tested across the full range of the clock. Beware though! The monster’s are not going to give up their prize easily in this round, you’ll have to earn 5 stars in a row to please them! Get a question wrong and you’ll have to try again or carry on practicing.

Language support: English, French & Spanish.

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How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

The team made use of Texture packer for all of the visual assets in the projects. It made it super easy for us to provide assets for both the retina and non-retina versions of our app and was easily usable by developers and designers alike.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Retina and non-retina export Multiple output Being able to specify the output format for our assets and the languages they will be adopted with.

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