Ninja Jump Adventure!

by PeepSoftware
TexturePacker ShowRoom Ninja Jump Adventure! TexturePacker ShowRoom Ninja Jump Adventure!


High flying action!

Do you have what it takes to leap from platform to platform? Become the worlds greatest by jumping higher and higher into glory!

Grab the magic coins and turbo boost your score while perfecting your skills. Don't let the pressure crack you as you soar upward.

This is the perfect game to play when you need a quick break from your regular life. Set your high score then try to beat it or pass around your device and see which of your family or friends is the ULTIMATE PLAYER!

  • Fase, fun and free
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod and Retina displays
  • Tracks High Score
  • Post scores to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
  • Keeps kids of all ages entertained
  • Accurate motion control makes play fast and easy

"I love this game-this is way cool"

"Downloaded this for my kid and couldn't get my phone back for over an hour-well done"

"Rarely are the free apps worth playing, but this one is awesome!"

"Cool graphics, good controls, not too sensitive, lots of fun"

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TexturePacker allowed us to create a sprite sheet and place all of our images inside of it making the game scenes load quicker and with less work after the project was setup

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

We like how easy it is to add/edit sprites

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