Odyssey: Alone against the whole space

TexturePacker ShowRoom Odyssey: Alone against the whole space TexturePacker ShowRoom Odyssey: Alone against the whole space TexturePacker ShowRoom Odyssey: Alone against the whole space TexturePacker ShowRoom Odyssey: Alone against the whole space TexturePacker ShowRoom Odyssey: Alone against the whole space


A classic cosmic 2D arcade game, in which you control a space ship flying through space and shoots down everything in its path.

What makes this game different from other games of this genre? Made in the best of traditions it uses all the possibilities of a modern vessel.

  • 148apps.com "To be totally honest I was ready to write off Odyssey: Alone in the Whole Space after only a few moments of play, but I stuck with it and am happy I did"

  • gamerating.co.uk "Good, if not better. It provides the right enthusiasm and excitement that is required and the player is always interested"

  • by Mr.Preacher1983 “Awesome! I played until my fingers went numb. I’d recommend it to anybody!”

  • by Cisco_boy “Powerful, cool, explosive”

Realistic graphics, sound, and music allow you to immerse your head into the game and completely set yourself on the task of ridding outer space of all evil.

Every time the game is a new exciting adventure.

Classical drama—Sent to patrol the far, dangerous expanses of space, the Odyssey ends up on the path of a whole horde of invaders, an uneven battle with which it gets sent to the edge of the galaxy. Angry after such a turn of events and all the cosmic evil, the Odyssey begins a difficult journey home through mismatching cosmic worlds.

In this game, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore quite different corners of the galaxy. The game contains several worlds and even more in the updates.
  • Become acquainted with its unfriendly inhabitants and show what test creates tough guys from planet Earth.
  • Master outer space defeating cosmic monsters. Try new weapons in action. Keep yourself together while jolting toward your home planet.

The application has an advertisement, but it can be switched off. An augmenting purchase of additional equipment, an upgrade of the current ship is possible. Several types of ships are available to the player—each with its own unique set of weapons.

Cosmic contrabandists are always at your service offering deal prices for all your consumer needs—strength shields, engines, machine guns, plasma and laser cannons, and of course missles—you gotta have them.

Ruthlessly destroy evil in outer space and collect rare iridium material. That’s how people pay their way in space “supermarkets”.

Stock up on ammo and courageously set out on a dangerous journey. Don’t let anyone by. Save your strength for bosses coming your way. The farther you plunge into the depths of space, the more chances there are that you’ll run into them.

The application is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. iOS version 4.3 or higher is required.


  • World famous game plot—a non-stop journey through the galaxy
  • Several game worlds with their own individual characteristics
  • Possibility of purchasing new weapons right at the time of battle in the game
  • Different types of weaponry and equipment

The game’s official Twitter: @Odyssey_game

The developer is Anix LLC – twitter: @anixapps

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