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TexturePacker ShowRoom Pancakes!!! TexturePacker ShowRoom Pancakes!!! TexturePacker ShowRoom Pancakes!!! TexturePacker ShowRoom Pancakes!!!


  • Earn Stars on each order!
  • Unlock more toppings as you master each order!
  • Beat your High Score by replaying the orders!
  • Get bonuses to earn more cash!
  • 400 levels (150 for Free!)
  • 30+ Toppings to Unlock (10+ for Free!)
  • Amazing, Gorgeous, high quality Professional Graphics.
  • Professional, High Quality Music and Sound Effects. Beat all 400 levels and be rewarded with an awesome end-game cutscene!

Pancakes!!! will leave your mouth watering for more!

Can you keep the customers happy? You'll encounter four types of customers in fun game play:

1) NORMAL This customer loves her pancakes, except for the burned kind. She's not super picky but adding extra ingredients will reduce your tip.

2) PICKY EATER This customer is finicky and demanding, wanting his order made precisely and accurately. If you add anything extra when making the order, he will leave without paying.

3) RUSH ORDER The customer is in a hurry and needs her pancakes fast! You have a fixed amount of time to complete the order before the customer walks out unhappy. And we all know an unhappy customer means no tip!

4) ALL YOU CAN EAT This customer wants his order piled high with everything on it. The order is complete when you catch a burned pancake. But don't worry, the customer won't mind the burned pancake.

How much cash can you earn? Earn more cash by achieving Bonuses!

1) Two Of A Kind Catch a matching pair of ingredients from the order.

2) Three Of A Kind Catch a matching set of three ingredients from the order.

3) Four Of A Kind Catch a matching set of four ingredients from the order.

4) Full House Catch a Two Of A Kind followed by a Three Of A Kind for the maximum bonus.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

TP totally smoothed out the art pipeline with its smart folder technology.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Smart Folders, trimming, and super awesome packing.

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