Pudding Bang

by Pudding Workshop
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Player's Review:

Loooove this game! by Heather Looney Super cute, a lot of fun :)

Pudding Bang is the first action game in Pudding Series with Retina Cute graphics which supports iPod Touch, iPhone 3G 3GS 4, iPad with iOS 4.3+.

2 Game Modes are available in Pudding Bang:

  1. Survival Mode
  2. Time Mode
  3. Crazy Mode

Survival Mode - Hit Puddings before they hide into hole. Life will be reduced when you miss 1. Game over immediately when you hit bomb.

Time Mode - Hit Puddings as many as possible in 90 seconds.

Crazy Mode - This mode is for expert. Bomb Pudding will not appear in this game mode. More Puddings and Faster Puddings in this game mode.


  • Ice Pudding - Slow Puddings movement
  • Bomb Pudding - Reduce all your life
  • Multipier Pudding - Score 2 times in a period of time
  • Golden Pudding - Get 1 life

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pudin.workshop

Email: pudin.workshop@gmail.com

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