Rail x Rail Train Set

by LoyLabs
TexturePacker ShowRoom Rail x Rail Train Set TexturePacker ShowRoom Rail x Rail Train Set TexturePacker ShowRoom Rail x Rail Train Set TexturePacker ShowRoom Rail x Rail Train Set TexturePacker ShowRoom Rail x Rail Train Set


Create your own railroad worlds complete with custom tracks, buildings, terrains features, and more! Download this digital railroad sandbox game, put together unique trains, and let your inner steamhead loose!

The Rail x Rail digital train set redefines the model train track creation experience, offering you a whole world of locomotive fun right at your fingertips!

With the power to design tracks in any shape, size, and configuration you want and the ability to create fully customized trains to ride atop them, Rail x Rail makes you the master architect of your own dream train environment. Don't stop with simple tracks though! You're free to add in all of the following to create exactly the world you want to:

  • Houses, community buildings, and sports fields.
  • Terrain elements like beaches, bodies of water, trees, and fields of grass.
  • A variety of different track types to give your track fresh twists!
  • Available via our Deluxe Pack: Even more diverse tracks and house types, roadways (complete with interactive cars), factories, bridges, and mountains.

Engineer your own unique trains, one train car at a time!

Rail x Rail features hundreds of different train cars to mix and match together to make trains of different lengths, styles, and functions, from old-time trolleys to lightning fast bullet trains! The fun doesn't stop there though. Many cars you choose for your trains can be explored too - simply open one up to see what its like from the inside out! Users can share and post their creations via social sites and explore the game's constantly growing gallery of fan layouts too!

This family-friendly game uses intuitive controls to help you express your creativity. Utilize the app's layer-by-layer editing scheme to ensure you don't move or change features you don't want to, all while keeping everything at your fingertips, and get your world going!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

We used TexturePacker to manage all of the UI elements in the current version of the app. The controller parts and all of the various track and train icons would have been impossible to manage individually. Through TexturePacker we kept everything in one easy to use spot and the AutoSD was a lifesaver.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

AutoSD and the ability to tune the graphics output have proven to be incredibly useful to us. We've received feedback that the size of our app is a limitation and TexturePacker has opened a door to optimizing our graphics and reducing the download size of our app without sacrificing the quality we value.

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

Use texture sheets everywhere you can, even for simple collections of images. Time and again we have seen the benefit of making quick, global graphic tweaks all the while being confident we didn't "leave anything out".

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