Skritter Chinese

by Inkren, Inc
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Over 200,000,000 items studied!

Let sparks fly and ink splatter as you learn to write Chinese characters faster than Confucius himself!

Master thousands of Chinese characters with the #1 character-learning app, now on iOS! You choose the vocabulary lists, you set the pace, and Skritter handles the rest—a writing coach in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to forgotten characters, tone mistakes, and your pile of flashcards. Say 你好 to the language learning app from the future you’ve been waiting for.

Total beginner? The Skritter Chinese 101 list will take you through the basics. Using a textbook? We’ve got 181 of the most common textbooks. Want to study your own words? Make your own lists in no time—Skritter automatically fills in the pinyin, definitions, audio, character decompositions, and even top mnemonics. ChinesePod, Heisig, HSK, radicals, 1600 user-created lists—it’s all right here.


  • 10,000 characters and 400,000 words
  • Simplified, traditional, or both at once!
  • Writing, tones, pinyin, definitions—it’s your call
  • Study offline, auto-sync when you reconnect


  • Learn each item forever in 54 seconds
  • The only SRS designed specifically for Chinese
  • Review words right before you forget them
  • Automatically adds new words when you’re ready


  • Free for one week, $9.99/mo after that
  • As low as $4.99/mo for longer subscriptions
  • Cancel any time, keep reviewing forever for free
  • Subscribe in-app to add new words
  • Call or email us personally—we’ll take care of you

“If I could only keep one app on my iPod, this would be it without a doubt. Skritter will change your life!” ― Wendy Werneth, UN Translator, Switzerland

“Learning to write Chinese characters has never been so fun. From writing zero to 2000+ characters in six months!” ― Brian Jackson, Economist, Alaska

“An absolutely amazing app. While it’s gorgeous (never had this much fun using an iPhone until now), it also makes me want to actually study whenever I have downtime.” ― Greg Bell, Master’s Student, Taiwan

“It has completely changed how I study. You won't find me cooped up inside anymore. You'll find me at the wetlands surrounding the city, using my iPod to Skritter and chatting with the people strolling on the path. Or I'll be at the local dumpling joint, the owner's kids grabbing my iPod to play with the app and "teach" me how to write correctly.” ― Alex Louis, Volunteer, China

Skritter users LOVE that they can learn Chinese in life’s spare moments. Skritter on planes, trains, and buses; in bed, class, and boring meetings; at the gym, office, and park; or while watching TV. Forget throwing birds at rocks—master the most beautiful script in the world instead.

Chinese learners have been waiting 3500 years for this app. Wait no more—download Skritter now!

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