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Presenting the sequel of our hit PingPongSolo for tennis lovers. It’s easier than ever to transform your iPhone into a tennis racket and tame your beloved, fluffy, yellow ball. Three chic rackets to choose from for athletes of all generations, different types of balls – all this in impeccable Retina graphics.

TennisSolo allows you to fully emulate both the ball and the racket. Difficult to describe in words, it’s worth trying for yourself.

You can play it wherever you want: at home, at work, or on vacation. Bust out TennisSolo just like that at any time at all and get back to training your skills controlling the ball. And the best part is you don’t have to take off to a court, scrunch up balls, or look for an opponent. During the time of the game your opponent will be a rambunctious tennis ball.

The ball tries to literally skip out of the iPhone. There has never been such an exciting tennis emulator. Handling the ball isn’t easy: you have to maintain certain calculated, distinct movements to keep the ball on the racket.

If the ball slips off the racket – scream. If the iPhone’s microphone recognizes a loud scream during a lost stroke, it will compensate for it. We call this feature the Sharapova Effect. You don’t have to go out of your way hooking it up – just scream appropriately during moments of desperation. Move your iPhone toward the falling ball and throw it back up even higher. But be careful: the higher the ball is, the harder it is to make the next stroke. We’ll see how long you last.

The record plank has never been so high – hurry up and win your spot on the high score list. The app is compatible with an iPhone starting from 3G. iOS version of at least 4.0 required.

The game’s official Twitter: @TennisSolo

The developer is Anix LLC – twitter: @anixapps

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