The Cat Monk (HD)

by 2Pi Interactive Pvt. Ltd.
TexturePacker ShowRoom The Cat Monk (HD) TexturePacker ShowRoom The Cat Monk (HD) TexturePacker ShowRoom The Cat Monk (HD) TexturePacker ShowRoom The Cat Monk (HD) TexturePacker ShowRoom The Cat Monk (HD)


Game Description:

The game has three unique exciting modes.

  • ARCADE MODE - in this mode the player has to play for a limited time and make the BEST SCORE out of it.
  • CLASSIC MODE - in this mode the player can play as long as he/she can without losing the health of The Cat Monk and making the BEST SCORE.
  • SURVIVAL MODE - in this mode the player has to survive 3 intense rounds to WIN.

In each of these modes the player will be rewarded with unique ranks and gems. Once the player achieves all the ranks in three modes he will be rewarded with an Ultimate title called “THE ENLIGHTENED WARRIOR”.

In each mode you can compete with your friends for the highest score on leader boards & share your achievements on leading social networks.

Cat Monk just doesn't fight with his bare hands, he is well versed with different weapons and he possess some super powers. Unlock them in store by using the gems you have earned or bought with real currency.


The Black Crow Witch is in search of the sacred Temple of the Mystical Warrior sends her troops of Lava Monsters, Flying Chimers and Weapons of destruction to conquer the temple by taking over the control from the levitating monk.

Now it’s your turn to protect the Temple of Mystical warrior and earn the title of “The Enlightened Warrior” by unlocking the 6 gates.

Go grab a copy and test your Kung Fu skills.

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

The objective was to cut down the draw calls and also the size of the game.

Texture packer has been taking care of the above parameters which saved us lot of time. We had never encountered any issue so far and its pretty easy to create the atlas and here comes the good part - It can stick to side of any engine, the compatibility is incredible must say.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Creating the atlas of textures at ease. The significant drop in the size of the game and in due course the control over the draw calls is amazing. It always remained as a developer friendly tool.

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