Turtle Takeoff

by Ranju Eshwar
TexturePacker ShowRoom Turtle Takeoff TexturePacker ShowRoom Turtle Takeoff TexturePacker ShowRoom Turtle Takeoff


Dash your way through endless obstacles in this addictive arcade game.


  • Tap the screen to make the turtle fly
  • Avoid the pipes and fly as far as you can


  • Crisp graphics
  • The turtle says funny things after each crash. Pass a score of 20 to get better quotes from the turtle.
  • Compete on leaderboards with everybody around the whole world!
  • 10 achievements to unlock. Can you be "Top Gun"?

Download Turtle Takeoff now and show off your skills!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

I used Corona SDK for the game's development. Initially, I was creating my spritesheets and their corresponding LUA files manually (I know, right?). And then I came across Texture Packer. Spritesheet creation has never been easier!

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

All features are nifty but if I had to pick one, it would be AutoSD.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

The turtle in this game is a physics object and has a complex shape. PhysicsEditor was perfect for tracing its outline as well as all other physics objects in the game.

What are your favorite PhysicsEditor features?

All of them are great.

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