Volleyball Island

by BEE DIGITAL, s.r.o.
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Volleyball Island is addictive beach volleyball game with simple but nice and unique graphic design and nice sounds. Player can choose one of three game modes and one of three difficulty levels of PC opponents. The game has three game modes: match mode, two players mode and tournament.

Match mode as his name suggests is match against to PC opponent. You can choose one of sixteen default PC players in one of three difficulty levels. Before start of game you have possibility to change dress of your player, change gender, nickname and play side. If you want to beat your opponent and win match you have to win in two sets and gain in every set fifteen points.

Second game mode give you possibility to play against your friend on one iPad device. Every player have available own multi touch joystick for controlling volleyball player on his side of game field. Control of player is quite sensitive and in beginning is not so easy but after few matches and after a small training everybody has chance to become a next Volleyball Island champion.

Last game mode is tournament. Every tournament has three rounds and taking part in it sixteen players together with you but only one can be champion. Like in match mode there are also three difficulty levels so if you dare you can try win tournament in hard difficulty but it gives you a little bite.

People who like challenges can try to get to the top of tournament leader boards or collect all twelve achievements. For leader boards and achievements Volleyball Island use Apple's Game Center.

Gameplay is good and also intelligence of PC players in hard difficulty levels. PC players in low and medium difficulty aren't so intelligent but it is intention to make game for all ages. So everybody have possibility to choose difficulty by his game skills.

In game is used real physics engine for movements of players and ball so movements act more realistically.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

In Volleyball Island we using Box2D physics engine so we used this tool for preparing fixtures for complex bodies like players and net.

What are your favorite PhysicsEditor features?

PhysicsEditor is great tool for every game developer, if you need save some time for other tasks, this tool is right choice. The best feature is support of many physics engines and different output data formats.

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