Weather Wear Free

by Tutecnix Ltd
TexturePacker ShowRoom Weather Wear Free TexturePacker ShowRoom Weather Wear Free TexturePacker ShowRoom Weather Wear Free TexturePacker ShowRoom Weather Wear Free TexturePacker ShowRoom Weather Wear Free


Current Weather

  • Weekly Forecast
  • World Time
  • What to Wear if you are heading out
  • Multiple locations
  • Choice of characters
  • "Feels like" temperature
  • just some of the features of Weather Wear Free.

Are you wondering how cold or warm it feels outside? Whether to wear a coat? Or shorts? Bring an umbrella? You don't need to interpret the forecast, Weather Wear Free will show you at a glance. Going on a work trip, planning a day trip or a holiday? Weather Wear Free will help you decide what to take using 12 hourly forecasts for the week ahead. Is it going to rain or snow? Will there be high winds or glorious sun? You need to know! Weather Wear Free also features a world clock so you can see what the time is and what the weather is doing in real time at your chosen locations. Add locations where your family and friends are and see what the weather is doing. What time is it where they are? Weather Wear Free can tell you. Or why not give a copy to your children, nieces, nephews or grand children to help them dress in the mornings?


  • What to wear if you are going out now, or for any day up to 1 week ahead (graphically and in list form)
  • At a glance current and forecast weather summary
  • Current conditions and forecasts include "Feels like" temperature
  • 7 day forecast in 12 hourly segments
  • Current conditions update every 15 minutes
  • Add locations from anywhere in the World
  • Shows the actual World time at chosen location
  • When viewing the current weather the window will show you whether it's day or night at that location
  • Choose from 24 character variations, both adult and young
  • Weather Wear Free can be used to decide what clothes to take for your holiday or work trip
  • You can adjust Weather Wear to suite your preference for warmer or cooler clothing

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

The artwork as supplied had large areas of transparency. Texture packer helped me by removing wasted space and compressing textures. With the memory saving I increased the number of locations I could offer the user from 4 to 6.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

Easy to use, lots of options and works on a multitude of platforms.

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