Normal Map Editor
for dynamic lighting and special effects

SpriteIlluminator in Action: Generate your normal maps

Artboard 1

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What is a normal map?

Rendering dynamic lighting & other effects requires information in which direction a pixel is facing. The direction information — encoded into a color value — is called a normal map.

Normal Map
Dynamic Lighting

Effect tools

Effect tools create stunning effects in no time.


adds volume to a sprite's shape by extruding it's opaque parts.

Sprite with transparency
Bevel Effect on Normal Map
Lit Texture


adds height differences based on the luminosity of the sprite's colors.

Emboss Effect on Normal Map
Lit Texture
“Over all what you have here is simply awesome. Everything about it I love. I added a normal map to my company logo, put some of my game assets into it and got them to look amazing. It is a really awesome tool to have if you want to make your game look unique.” Anonymous answer from the SpriteIlluminator Survey

Paint tools

Use the paint tools to directly draw on the normal map and fine tune the effects.

Angle Brush

adjusts angles in the normal map. The colors represent the angles you are painting.

Pick an angle
Paint on the normal map

Height Brush

raise or lower parts of the sprite

Flat surface
Normal map painted with Height Brush

Smoothen Brush

smoothen hard edges on the surface.

Structure / Noise

add noise and structure on the surface

Selection tools

Use the selections to restrict effects and brush strokes.

Polygon Lasso

Select using a polygon

Magic Wand

Select parts with similar color