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You’ll love all the different ways TexturePacker
makes sprite sheet creation fast and easy
Using TexturePacker for creating optimized sprite sheets
is like having another developer work for you. For free.

Collecting and organizing your assets folder takes just seconds

All you have to do is drag-and-drop any assets folder into the Sprites Panel.

Want to release your game for different devices & resolutions?

No problem. TexturePacker automatically creates scaled versions in a flash.

  • Your folder structure is inherited
  • TexturePacker uses sub-folder names as part of final sprite name
  • Automatically add all images

Improve game quality with easy, convenient header file creation

Avoid missing sprites causing crashes. You can write header files with sprite definitions, reference sprites by constants and more.

This will help you detect missing sprites at compile time and avoid runtime errors.

  • No missing sprites in your game
  • No crash because of missing sprites
  • Compile error when sprites are missing

Fast and easy pivot point editing - no hassles or manual coding

No more typing coordinates in code. Use the visual editor instead.

Make your workflow simpler, easier and much faster. You can even work with uneven or badly cut sprites.

  • Edit multiple pivots at once
  • Real-time preview of animations
  • Easy editing of pivot and anchor points
Let TexturePacker do all the
manual, tedious work for you!

Eliminate hours of clicking. No manual publish needed

It only takes minutes to install and integrate with your build. It doesn’t matter what development environment you use.

Automatically update your sheets. You don’t have to remember command line parameters. Go do something fun while everything is taken care of.

  • Update all .tps files at once
  • Easy integration into your build process
  • TexturePacker checks for modified files and only packs if changes are found

Compression without sacrificing quality

Your animations will run smoother, even if you use more of them. Your games will even start faster.

Running low on FPS or even out of memory? Not any more.

  • Reduce rendering artifacts in game
  • Compress your sprite sheet, drastically reducing memory usage
  • Increase framerate, render frames faster, reduce GPU time
Here, see how visual quality is preserved...
...Notice how the effects of compression
or dithering are nearly invisible!
Download TexturePacker for
easy sprite sheet creation
Those are just a handful of ways TexturePacker makes your life easier
Here are an additional 18 reasons to
download and use TexturePacker today:
  • Remove additional transparency with Polygon Trim
  • Increase rendering performance and make faster games
  • Requires less GPU by not rendering transparency
  • Directly import from Photoshop, Flash and more
  • Compile time checks for missing or renamed sprites
  • Tighter packaging with Algo: Polygon
  • Import 3rd party sprite sheets and compress them with TP
  • Give artists more freedom for working how they want
  • Quality check for developer when he receives new assets.
  • Create optimized sprites for the target platform
  • Create scaled versions for different resolutions automatically
  • No manual scaling of sprites
  • Write header files with sprite definitions
  • Autocompletion in IDE
  • No need to export from Photoshop, just save
  • Reference sprites by constants
  • No missing sprites in the game
  • Support for Retina and HiDPI displays
Instead of reading about it, why don’t you
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