What's this all about?

TexturePacker is a tool that creates sprite sheet for game engines, user interfaces or web. It is possible to create simple sprite strips by concatenating sprites with identical sizes. In this case no additional data is required because a sprite can be retrieved from it's position.

TexturePacker also allows you to create an optimized sprite sheet with irregular sprites. TexturePacker can remove transparency, rotate sprites and create a much tighter layout. In this case you have to know where a sprite is located, how it's oriented and if transparent pixels were removed.

This requires a data format that can be loaded from your gaming framework. You surely don't want to write lists of coordinates in your game source code.

TexturePacker knows a big number of game engines and writes the specific format for that engine.

TexturePacker also comes with several generic data formats - such as which support all feature of TexturePacker and can be used with your own game engine.

These generic formats are:

You can also create your own data format — e.g. by directly exporting source code — if you are not happy with what's already available.