twitter image ricardo quesada @ricardoquesada

Great spritesheet creation editor. Its command line version is also great for batch processing and integration with Xcode.

Ricardo Quesada - Creator of Cocos2D-X
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Texture Packer is hands down the best sprite sheet generation tool on the market. It has more features than any of the competition and is ready for production-level games - highly recommended!

Ray Wenderlich - Writer of Cocos2D tutorials
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Integrating the excellent TexturePacker into my build pipeline has saved me countless hours! Not sure how I lived without it.

(Ron Gilbert - creator of MonkeyIsland)

"Custom Exporters have saved me dozens of hours. I can't function without TexturePacker."

(Richard Jarell)

"By the way, thanks for a wonderful product. I'm recommending Texturepacker to everyone except my grandma. I don't know how I'd survive asset management without it, it has saved my sanity! :)"

(Maria Sifnioti - Producer, Total Eclipse)

"Here we are the fans of TexturePacker. Among many different small software licences we bought over years, Texturepacker is one of the best (or perhaps simply the best) and classed in our app category entitled "The App". Which we wish long life to his creator, for the time of life he has saved us by creating his tool."

(Baris Saricoglu - asynth.com)


@AdriaandeJongh I Use TexturePacker from Andreas Loew @CodeAndWeb, really good, and comes with great support! Worth 30 euro trust me @DittmarTukker

Got TexturePacker 3 version and I gotta say, this ss generator is simply the best. For apps, for web for everything.. http://t.co/CgM7dAg8 @Boz Bundalo

As our team and our game,#TheInnerWorld grows we need more #TexturePacker Licenses. So we buy 'em. Because #TexturePacker&@CodeAndWeb rock! @Alexander Pieper

TexturePacker by Andreas Löw, with #libgdx support http://www.badlogicgames.com/wordpress/?p=1444 awesome sauce! @Mario ZechnerCreator of libgdx

Updated my TexturePacker license for version 3.0. It’s perhaps the best tool available for an indie game developer. @Jan Ekholm

Having Texture Packer do all the spritesheet work for me might be the best thing that's ever happened in my coding life. Thanks @CodeAndWeb. @Whitaker Trebella

And finally, I bought #texturepacker pro. Its a good investment. Very good. Time saver. #cocos2d #ios #objc @Ferdinand Neman

@CodeAndWeb Love the added flexibility! It will help keep TexturePacker in my pipeline regardless of the platform. @Taco Graveyard

I cannot begin to tell you how much time TexturePacker by @CodeAndWeb will save you. Whether its modelsheets,GUI or sprite batching. BUY IT! @Steven Burgess

Been working with texturepacker a lot, love the tool. So many little details done right. gj @codeandweb & thx @rwenderlich for the tip :) @Markus Nigrin

@CodeAndWeb Every time I think Texture Packer can't get better, Andreas releases another version. Software that no iOS dev should be without @Krys Wallbank

@CodeAndWeb thanks for being awesome & creating @texturepacker you are making the world an awesome place. ;) @romyilano

@CodeAndWeb TexturePacker is pretty amazing, sir. Can't imagine putting together these sprite sheets manually. @Benjamin Borowski

TexturePacker works brilliantly for CSS Sprites. @Antonio

@saidulislam TexturePacker http://t.co/kftEbQAy has some great dithering options, it's the swiss army knife of images/Spritesheets :) @Chris Wilson

Added TexturePacker + JSON support to my iOS game engine; only took one day. Tools == good! Cocos2D, watch out for me! @CodeAndWeb @Chinstrap Games

TexturePacker pro command line to the rescue once again! Rapidly becoming my favourite development tool. @Chris Wilson

@CodeAndWeb TexturePacker will be behind the next Armor Games port we are currently working on... @Fishing Cactus Games

@CodeAndWeb Thanks for the awesome tool that is TexturePacker. Made making my first game #BirdBlasting a lot easier! http://t.co/crJel3BG @traversoft