Translation File Editor


Edit your JSON translation files for react-intl / FormatJS with ease.

Works with React and VueJS

More features

Edit translations on your computer
BabelEdit works with all files locally. No cloud upload required.
Pay once, and use it forever.
We hate subscriptions & we want software to be affordable.

Translation tools

The tools in this section help you with the translation process itself.

Suggestions & Pre-translate

Let BabelEdit fetch translations from Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or DeepL. You can use them as suggestion for a single phrase or fetch all translations for a language.

Get translation suggestions
The suggestions panel in BabelEdit displays machine-translated sentences while you edit. Accept the suggested translation as your current translation with a single click.
Translate all messages with a single click
You want to see how your application looks in a different language? Or save some money and support your translator? Use pre-translate to auto-magically fill all empty translations.


The spell checker automatically checks your messages while typing.

Correction and dictionary
BabelEdit suggest the correct spelling and you can of course add new words to the dictionary.
42 languages included
BabelEdit's spell checker comes with 42 languages and checks each message in the corresponding language.

Easy exchange with translators

Export your messages to exchange them with 3rd party translators or use them in other tools. Importing from these files is if course also supported.

Export / Import files with translators and other tools

Translation agencies are usually not very happy if you send them your .json or .yaml files — but that's not a problem for you!

Import and export your messages if you want to exchange data with a translation service that does not use BabelEdit.

BabelEdit supports the following formats for data exchange:

Convert between translation file formats
Use the export / import mechanism to convert your project files between different formats such as yaml, json or xml.

The translation tool for developers

BabelEdit knows your framework

BabelEdit does not simply edit translation files. It has knowledge about the framework you use.

No conversion, import or export required
BabelEdit directly works with your framework's translation files:
  • json (Angular, React, Laravel, Vue and more)
  • yaml (Ember)
  • php (Laravel translation data)
  • arb (Application Resource Bundle, Flutter)
  • properties (Java, Groovy, Grails,…)
Supports extracted messages in Format.JS

You can extract translation messages with default text an comments from your source code in Format.JS / react-intl.

BabelEdit imports these files, displays the comments and adds the new messages to all JSON files.

Source code view

The source code view shows you where translations are used in your code.

Find unused translations
BabelEdit helps you finding translations that are not used in your source code anymore.
See the context
The source code view also shows you in which context a translation is used.

BabelEdit vs YourCompareTool

See how the same files look in BabelEdit and a compare tool.
(Don't get me wrong: A compare tool is a very useful. It's just not the right tool for handling translation files!)
Working with translation files: BabelEdit
Compare tool
Working with translation files: Merge tool
Compare tool

More features

Never out of sync: Edit all files at once
BabelEdit performs add, delete and rename operations on all translation files at the same time.
Your files can never get out of sync! A message either exists in all files or none.
Don't waste your time
Diff isn't the answer for managing translation files. Every single line in a translation file contains changes because of the different languages.
And how do you want to handle 3 or more language files?

Know what to do


Apply filters to focus on the work ahead.

Filter by words or status

Filters not only allow you to search for specific words or translation IDs. You can apply them also to find all untranslated or approved / not approved messages.

Find all occurrences of a word to check your translations for consistency.

Comments & approval

Give your translators the context they need
Add comments to give the translator more information about the position and context of a message.
Track translation progress
Use the Approved flag to mark translations that are considered final.


Know where you are standing
The statistics give you an exact overview by language about what is open, translated or approved.
Estimate translation costs
Translators usually get paid by the number of words they translate. BabelEdit gives you an estimate of how much you'll have to pay for your messages.

More features

Customizable view
See your translation ids as list or tree, filter items to only see the translations you are currently working on.
Windows, macOS & Linux
BabelEdit works on all major desktop operating systems: Windows, macOS or Linux.
Fair pricing model
Affordable price. Buy BabelEdit once and use it forever. Free updates included for 1 year. No subscription.


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